James Logan Gibke


Ever since James saw the binary sunset in Star Wars as a little boy, he was intrigued by visual effects. That intrigue eventually spread to animation and motion graphics. In college James won Best Animation awards for his shorts “Blue Fish” and “Feline Folly”, in addition to being VFX Supervisor for his narrative film class on the film “Erase”.

Since graduation in 2010, James can be found traveling the globe as much as possible and making things move in After Effects.

James Gibke graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Video/Film. He acquired a growing interest in the collaboration of film and graphics that quickly transformed him from avid fan to digital motion graphics and compositing software guru. His strengths include the ability to manage multiple projects and assignments, the flexibility to adapt to perpetually changing client needs, knowledge of studio photography and lighting, and creative agility to visualize and skill set to actualize concepts.

Specialties: Motion Graphics, Adobe Creative Suite, Video Editing, Digital Media, After Effects, Video, Final Cut Pro, Post Production, Premiere, Video Production, Videography, Storyboarding, Final Cut Studio, Creative Direction, Camera Operating and Digital Signage


  At The Weird Box, James has been seen:

  •             Transforming static marketing collateral into dynamic animated digital signage
  •             Rendering videos to fit all formats of digital media players
  •              Initiating 30-second dance parties
  •              Cutting his locks for love
  •                Adding Spanish and Vietnamese to his repertoire – tildes for all!

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weird (wîrd) adj. - Of a strikingly odd or unusual character; strange.
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