Tony Smith


Tony Smith currently serves as Director of Creative and Marketing for CE labs®/Cable Electronics, Inc. and founded The Weird Box digital media division. During his tenure at CE labs Tony has had the pleasure of working with seasoned lead engineers, great clients and large-scale media campaigns requiring strategic planning, production and delivery of objectives with tight deadlines. He has also implemented new revenue generating services with the establishment of The Weird Box creative services division and plays a key role in overall company operations.Prior to CE labs, Tony worked as a Senior Graphic Designer for a targeted, yet prominent, pop culture media called Diya magazine which was distributed throughout the DFW, Houston, Austin and San Antonio metroplexes. He lead all graphic design production and follow-thru initiatives on visual branding, advertiser needs and editorial content.

Tony has held competitive and demanding positions that required leadership, resolve and patience. One of these positions was Head Coach of the University of Texas Taekwondo Team where he held this position for 8 years. Prior to this coaching position, Tony was on course for an Olympic dream devoting 20 years of his life in Olympic-style Taekwondo finishing finally as a U.S. Team Member and an Olympic hopeful for the 2000 and 2004 U.S. Olympic Team.

As Creative Director for The Weird Box, Tony leads a team of talented creative professionals who blend creativity with the latest cutting edge technologies to create innovative and memorable digital signage content. 
Having received his Animation Art & Design education from the Art Institute of Dallas, Tony has provided creative solutions concept, management, and production both in-house, freelance, and as the agency of record for various corporate entities, agencies, and publications.

 Tony has a soft spot for Cadbury Mini Eggs, asian gangster movies and collector’s edition video games. It has been rumored that he could open up his own video game store with the amount of games he owns, but this has yet to be verified.

Specialties: Digital Media, Strategic Planning, Creative Direction, Branding and Identity, Print Design, Website Design, User Interface Design, Video Production, Motion Graphics, Digital Signage, Conceptualization, Consulting, Design Management, Accountability


  At The Weird Box, Tony has been seen:

  •        Juggling communication between different divisions
  •           Coming up with crazy ideas, goals and objectives
  •        “Pushing things forward”
  •         Known to be a “small fan” of Bill Murray
  •        Declaring that Godzilla is indeed real
  •        Fighting crime on weekends

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weird (wîrd) adj. - Of a strikingly odd or unusual character; strange.
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