InfoComm13 – Going Up!

Over the last month, The Weird Box and CE labs has been brainstorming, planning, creating, (even a little bit of debating) and executing the visual elements and concepts for InfoComm13.

First and foremost, to make a great decision on our InfoComm13 branding, or on anything as a matter of fact, there is no source more valuable than past experiences. Therefore, CE labs reflected on our past booth concepts. We gathered lessons learned and planned to implement them into our InfoComm13 branding.

After a booth concept meeting for InfoComm13, it was decided that we wanted our theme to convey a motivational message that showcased our new level of performance within our products and services, accompanied with ‘action and forward movement, eye-catching, vibrant colors along side a human or organic element for our main focal point.’ – Going Up!

With the concept for InfoComm13 being established and the main images in progress, the next step was to create print and video graphics for: 2 tower banners, 8 bridge panels, 7 counter panels, 6 tv screens and a 9-screen tv display wall… we had our work cut out for us, to say the least.

With only one day away from take off to Orlando, we here at CE labs are eager to see everyone at InfoComm13 and showcase our NEW 20ft x 20ft booth. If you haven’t already seen the sneak peek of our booth being set up, here it is.

InfoComm13 Booth Preview

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

My name is Emilee May and I am honored to be introducing myself as the newest member of The Weird Box. I am a native Texan, but I also like to refer to myself as a Red Raider since attending Texas Tech University (Wreck Em’!). After graduation, I had a short stint in the beautiful state of Arkansas. Luckily, I landed an interview with CE labs || The Weird Box. After the very rigorous interview process, I was welcomed into TWB family with open arms.

It’s only been a month since my first day here and I couldn’t be happier. I am so grateful to be a part of this ever dedicated & creative team, and look forward to the magic we’ll be making together.  

Make sure to stay tuned for upcoming projects and entertaining events that happen here at The Weird Box.


Here at The Weird Box we work with a lot of textures. I recently took a trip to New York City and while adjusting my camera settings at various places noticed a plethora of interesting walking surfaces. Armed with my 5DmkII, I decided to try and capture a small sample of my travels. When piecing the footage together, I wanted to convey the distance traveled while also keeping the video short. To accomplish this I decided cutting on motion would do the trick. Nothing too extravagant, just a simple walk cycle.I toyed with the idea of adding music but in the end decided that keeping the authentic street sounds matches pace better than anything that I could come up with.

Footwork: A Journey in NYC from James Logan Gibke on Vimeo.

Of course, not all of my trip was spent shoe gazing. I’m still pouring over the other footage, so keep an eye out here for an update once it’s finished!

InfoComm12 Creative Process

The Weird Box and CE labs have been extraordinarily busy preparing for InfoComm 2012. It’s been an arduous five-week journey, but we’ve just about wrapped up and can finally sigh a breath of relief! From conception to completion, this project has been a jubilant whirlwind. We would like to share with you our creative process and a sneak preview of what’s to come!

The Goal

Produce a comprehensive campaign to market CE labs new and existing products at InfoComm12.

The Process

Brainstorming: As is crucial with any campaign, it’s important to get the team in a motivated state of mind. We gathered with nothing more than a jovial mood and a bowl of M&Ms. Tony Smith, our creative director, led the team through a sequence of questions to elicit ideas. After establishing a respectable mind-map, we narrowed it down to a very basic question: “What makes you feel like a badass?” At this point, synapses sparked and concepts started rolling in. “Mother nature!” “Super novas!” …And finally, it hit us. What’s more badass than… wait for it… Titans?!

There it was – the concept that would carry our entire campaign. We had to think in terms of colossal and leviathans – ideas that would make an impact.

Branding: Our goal was to convey severity the way films do with desaturated scenery and urban textures, but still catch the eye with highlights and colors.

The end result was a series of blue-toned blacks and greys, highlighted by an array of deep, rich colors such as fury red, midnight blue, and royal purple. We utilized textures that would deliver to mind urban landscape interrupted by a titan force. Adding concretes, cracks, and rough cement enriched the scenes even more viscerally.

Storyboarding: The next phase was to storyboard concepts that would be used in video production and would also carryover into print and web. We were each tasked with a goal of 4-5 storyboards to be presented. Some ideas were grandiose, but that’s how we are. We like to think big. When ideas are this grand, you can’t waste them on passive contemplation.

From flying through skyscrapers to nuclear explosions to impending volcanic eruptions, we brought it all. After a series of refinement meetings, we finally narrowed it down.

Armed with a concrete concept and an M&Ms sugar rush, we went into production mode and only came out for the occasional shower and obligatory nourishment.

The Outcome

Check out this InfoComm12 CE labs Promo Video. Also, be sure to check back for more videos in the next few weeks!

Applications for the MP75

Some people, I won’t name names, at The Weird Box are known to geek out pretty hard about trend-setting technology. We held an event for side-by-side iPad testings just this morning! It’s no surprise that we’re pretty amped about CE labs newly launched MP75 – a high definition digital media player with GPIO push-button features.

For years we’ve struggled with finding a truly versatile player to satiate all our media playback needs – and it’s finally here! Not only does the MP75 play our videos at Blu-ray quality and is 3D ready, it also supports photo and audio playback. The best part is the new GPIO push-button capabilities. There’s a built-in organizational system for multiple media types to be placed into folders and playback is triggered by push-buttons (optional.) We can see companies using this stand-alone player anytime anywhere.

Ideas are already ruminating for content creation from our designers. Restaurants, bars and lounges can utilize the player to cater different content to different crowds throughout the day. The player can exist independently on an in-store kiosk to garner user interaction. Businesses will have a plethora of display options since the MP75 has HDMI, component, composite, and VGA outputs. Not to mention, when used in a public setting, there’s a definite possibility for generating revenue by providing digital signage ad space for local businesses. The Weird Box has the resources to create, edit, or obtain content for a multitude of applications.

Our excitement can’t be contained, as indicated by this past week’s marketing campaign for the MP75. CE labs was met with an influx of interest for the player immediately after its release and will surely continue on this trajectory through the next few months.

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