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Digital Signage Content Creation Services

One of the first questions to be asked should be, “Where is the content going to come from?” If your company has a creative department or existing advertising agency, we will work with them to deploy their content onto the digital signage network. If you need content creation services, we can provide professional production as well.

Repurposed Content

Content comes in many forms and are often easily transferred from other mediums of communication. Using advertising and information from a company’s website or print collateral is not uncommon and will maintain the integrity of the brand’s marketing campaign.

Private Programming

The Weird Box has the structure and resources to be the central hub for managing and acquiring high quality assets for selected programming content as well as ensuring optimized playback for all video content that is placed into program rotation.


Custom-branded content transforms your thoughts into a reality. We use top-of-the-line software to design and build your videos. We take the time to research your company thoroughly to ensure we provide you with unique content that fits into the realm of your business.

HTML5 Layout Services

Digital menu boards and signs need to be easily updated while delivering an aesthetically pleasing message to viewers. With The Weird Box HTML5 Layout services and CE labs powerful toolset software, the challenges that comes with creating classy and sophisticated digital menu boards are now no longer.

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PowerPoint Packages

Professionally designed, High definition 1080p PowerPoint packages, for digital signage applications. Easy to customize for your unique situation and approach without the cost of hiring a designer. Browse our collection today!

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