Custom-Branded Content

The Weird Box provides custom branded content services which gives you a series of template videos with your company’s branding. Your company’s message will be delivered with professional style and can be updated on a regular basis at an economical cost. No hassles. Just provide the information you wish to have in your signage and we will place it in your custom branded template, optimize it for your CE labs® digital media player and upload it to your playlist rotation.

Example of our clients Custom-Branded Content.

Case Study

Client: Madix, Inc.

Objective: Madix is a fixture company looking to showcase their Easel™ SB, a shelving unit capable of video playback, sensory functionality and colorful graphics installation – using a golf concept.

Strategy: After our field research of a national golf store, we discovered avid golfers/shoppers peruse the store to find new products as well as gather information on improving their game. TV screens offered ads after ads of general products, but few presented customized content relevant to each customer.

Results: Madix successfully demonstrated the interactive abilities of their shelves along with a concept that applies to multiple product categories.  

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